Testimonies from Students and Leaders

Read what HaYesod students, group, and community leaders have been saying about HaYesod. We hope their testimonies will be an encouragement for you to join and connect to the roots of your faith.

I recommend this program to everyone. I recommend it to people in passing conversations. This study cleared a lot of confusion about things that I had been taught as a child. It beautifully knits the Hebrew scriptures and what we call the New Testament into unity. Thank you FFOZ!

— Linda Sponenburgh

I am absolutely loving this program. I am about 3/4 of the way through the online lessons and have learned so much - the lesson on the covenants in the Bible was especially eye-opening! I also love soaking in the sights and sounds of Israel as I progress through the program. Thank you for this wealth of knowledge in such an interesting, accessible format!

— Sarah

This is an eye opening study; deepening my understanding of many areas. I also feel like I better know Jesus the man. I highly recommend this for any Christian looking to understand more.

— Sandra Bina

“I see HaYesod as having a long-term affect in a congregation … It helps establish the right foundation for new believers, and establishes an attitude of respect for the Scriptures that can be built upon…”

— Pastor Mark Brocato

I have just finished lesson four. I must say I am impressed with these lessons. Its' always hard to try and preserve the Biblical text accurately. My only concern was the Noah covenant not covered in the first lesson. However, you have fulfilled the Torah and I am honored to hear what you've had to say. Shalom!

— Wilma

This is an excellent study and a great blessing! The teachings are clear and concise. The Hayesod program has truly turned my understanding of the faith on its ear and I am so excited to continue to explore the Jewish foundation of the faith!
Thank you so much for this program - I will recommend it to all of my brothers and sisters in the faith!

— Eric

The knowledge in the program is distinctly solid and the teachers have depth of understanding. This is clearly shown in their presentation of the Hebrew terms and the links made between the OT and the NT. The video program is divided into a few segments and this gives the student a break or just a pause. This point is worth a mention as it shows the fine attention to detail in the conceptualization and planning of the entire program. The presentation in the workbook is very impressive. On the whole, this is a very well-considered program. You have done an excellent job. We praise our LORD Jesus Christ, Amen.