Testimonies from Students and Leaders

Read what HaYesod students, group, and community leaders have been saying about HaYesod. We hope their testimonies will be an encouragement for you to join and connect to the roots of your faith.

This is an eye opening study; deepening my understanding of many areas. I also feel like I better know Jesus the man. I highly recommend this for any Christian looking to understand more.

— Sandra Bina

We both enjoyed your course which we have now completed. It is well-presented, in the videos and in the manuals. We have long been familiar with the Sabbath, Holy Days of God, clean foods, etc, as that is part of our Church of God background. Besides these fundamental teachings, other questions will arise for individuals regarding New Covenant applications of walking in the covenant way of life. We see these questions arising for the apostles in the book of Acts, etc. With the coming of the New Covenant it became relevant to discern which of the Torah laws are applicable for believers, just as it was always necessary to discern which laws were applicable for whom prior to the New Covenant. We believe it is this discernment we see at work within the pages of the New Testament, rather than some laws being obligatory for Jewish believers solely on the grounds they are Jewish, and not obligatory for Gentile believers solely on the grounds they are not Jewish. We would also avoid placing any Jewish tradition, however meaningful, into the same category as the Torah. So while we differ in some respects from some of your approaches, we thank you again for the opportunity of doing this course, and wish you well in all your future endeavours.

Kindest regards,
Selwyn and Gillian Vivian

— Selwyn and Gillian Vivian

I have learned so much especially about the covenant and Passover etc. I love that it is an eternal covenant . Are there more classes with a video component? I like being able to watch, listen and write as I learn. Thanks so much for your great work.

— Virginia

“I see HaYesod as having a long-term affect in a congregation … It helps establish the right foundation for new believers, and establishes an attitude of respect for the Scriptures that can be built upon…”

— Pastor Mark Brocato

Beloved friends, HaYesod has exceeded my expectations. I watched each segment of the ten lessons numerous times and am sorry to see my time expiring. The flow and content of the course is exciting and the field trips to Israel bring you "there." This joyful experience has increased my love for the people, Scriptures, and land of Israel. I look forward to the time when I will host a small group. I recommend the varied resources available from FFOZ to explore the biblical foundation of our faith. Thank you for your perseverance and zeal for the truth.

— Judith

Lesson 3: A fresh perspective on the covenants. It is tragic how replacement theology has hijacked many aspects of the Christian Faith. Covenants understood in a manner of building on the former is a powerful witnessing tool to Jews and a reminder to Gentiles it is by God's grace alone we are grafted into the commonwealth of Israel.

— Demetrius

My spiritual understanding is growing! I completed lesson three. I loved the covenant comparison, specially the part about the renewed covenant. I thank my Lord for adopting/ grafting me into his beloved family. Thank you, Hayesod teachers, for your time and dedication. May the Lord richly bless you! Shalom!

— Noemi