Testimonies from Students and Leaders

Read what HaYesod students, group, and community leaders have been saying about HaYesod. We hope their testimonies will be an encouragement for you to join and learn about the foundation of your faith.

I am beginning Chapter 8 so definitely on schedule, in fact I will be able repeat some chapters if I so desire and be within the time frame. I plan to continue with the online student program when I finish the "Foundation". The classes are thorough, interesting, professional and extremely well thought out. I don't believe you could have done it better - it's perfect! I thank God I found you. Shalom

— Pat Nelson

I have studied FFOZ Online on these two book HAYESOD FOUNDATION and also the SABBATH; I am very happy that these two book gives me very practice help, step by step in learning Torah. The lessons are Bible base, Torah Messianic teaching about Yeshua. The student workbooks are very detailed, nice illustration, has video show the life in the Land of Yisrael, make me feel connected to Yisrael. I could spend more time listen the teacher and not take too much time taking down notes as already in the Student workbook. I like the song How firm a foundation so inspiring. Thank you so much FFOZ for conducting this course. Baruch HaShem.

— Janet Ellen Shen

Hi all, I have finished the course and am now reviewing each chapter. I have learned so much and so happy I took the course. It has helped me to know more as to how to answer questions when people want to know why I believe the way I do. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Priscilla.

— Priscilla Walters

"I see HaYesod as having a long-term affect in a congregation … It helps establish the right foundation for new believers, and establishes an attitude of respect for the Scriptures that can be built upon…"

— Pastor Mark Brocato

HaYesod has been a blessing to our small group of six here in the far north of Scotland. We are five laymen and one seminary graduate. Two of us have been studying Torah with FFOZ for some time. The others are unfamiliar with FFOZ. We have found the HaYesod teaching to be rich in information and insight. Our group is looking forward to studying further with FFOZ. The teaching has been authoritative and equally important insightful in providing the context that has, in my experience, been absent in Christian teaching. Our intention at this point is to view FFOZ's online TV programs. Everyone is impressed with the quality of the HaYesod videos. Well done First Fruits!

— John

I just wrapped up Ha Yesod and it was refreshing to my soul during my 9 month deployment as an US Army Chaplain in Kuwait. I saw a transformation in my character, approach to Scripture, and preaching to my military congregation. I praise God for FFOZ and I hope to be in Israel next year Lord Willing. When I return home I will restart volume 6 of the Torah Club. I hope Torah Club comes out with volume 7 on the book of Romans and a Volume 8 on the remaining Pauline Epistles to the Church.

— Demetrius

Hi, thank you for making this course available. I am not new to Hebrew Roots and yet felt drawn to this course about the foundations of our faith and have been handsomely rewarded. Briefly, this course has helped me to and will help me to encounter and reflect God in new ways and I am grateful to you for this. I am now considering Torah Club. May you all be richly blessed. Love in Yeshua.

— Andrew