Online Student Program

Suitable for Individuals, and Couples

HaYesod contains a wealth of material, and you can start the study course online for just $45. Receive six months on-demand access to the Video Lessons, plus a comprehensive Student Workbook*

* FREE SHIPPING. $45 per study module. 6-month rental per study module. Videos can be watched multiple times during the 6-month rental period, at your own pace. Include an extra Student Workbook for your spouse.

It's Easy to Start

  • Order one of the HaYesod Online Student study modules at the First Fruits of Zion Resources Store for $45.
  • After payment confirmation and activating your online account, you are ready to start watching.
  • We also provide a free download of Lesson 1 while you wait for your Student Workbook to arrive in the mail.
  • System Requirements

HaYesod Study Modules

This program is presented in three separate modules, each containing unique material, separate Student workbooks, and 10 video lessons each.

Start with HaYesod Today!

There are three HaYesod study modules available. Start with HaYesod: The Foundation first. Choose the HaYesod study module below, and place your order today for only $45/module.

Resources You Will Receive

  • Lesson One in a Adobe PDF format
    This will enable you to start with the program immediately after you're signed up while you wait for your Student Workbook.
  • Comprehensive Student Workbooks
    FREE SHIPPING: Workbooks are shipped free of charged within 48 hours after you're signed up.
  • Optional: Include an additional Student Workbook for your spouse.
  • 6 Months Online Access to 10 Video Lessons (per module)
    There are no limits to how often you can watch or review the video lessons during this time. After six months, if you need more time, you can receive access for an additional six month period for a small fee of $15.