Student Video Packs

HaYesod is available in special Video packs (Digital or DVDs) that can be customized to include the specific material you want — ideal if you want to study privately, but keep the program for potentially using in the future to host your own small group Bible studies.*

Two HaYesod Study Modules

The HaYesod program currently includes two separate modules, each containing unique material, separate Student workbooks, and 10 video lessons each.

Resources You Will Receive

  • The comprehensive HaYesod Student Workbook
  • The HaYesod Videos (choose Digital Pack, or DVD Pack)
  • Optional: Leadership Manual *
  • Optional: Audio Lessons on CDs or MP3s *
  • Optional: Additional Student Workbooks *

* Customize your order with these if you are interested in starting your own HaYesod Bible study with a group of students.

Start with HaYesod!

We recommend you start with HaYesod: The Foundation first. Choose the HaYesod study module below, and place your order today. Starting at $110/module.