Student Video Packs

Suitable for Bible Study Groups, or Individuals

HaYesod is available in special Video packs (Digital or DVDs) that can be customized to include the specific material you want.

HaYesod Study Modules

Video Packs (Digital or DVDs)

The HaYesod program currently includes three separate modules, each containing unique material, separate Student workbooks, and 10 video lessons each.

Start with HaYesod!

We recommend you start with HaYesod: The Foundation first. Choose the HaYesod study module below, and place your order today. Starting at $110/module.

Resources You Will Receive

  • The comprehensive HaYesod Student Workbook
  • The HaYesod Videos (choose Digital Pack, or DVD Pack)
  • Optional: Leadership Manual *
  • Optional: Audio Lessons on CDs or MP3s *
  • Optional: Additional Student Workbooks *

* Customize your order with these if you are interested in starting your own HaYesod Bible study with a group of students.