How to Get the Most out of HaYesod?

HaYesod is a transformative and challenging study program. There is much to learn and unlearn. Brace yourself for an absolutely life-changing experience and study of the Bible.


Throughout the program we will be presenting many concepts and dealing with a host of wide-ranging biblical topics and themes. You may find that you disagree with some things that we will present. It is important that you do not allow differences in minor interpretations to get in the way of the larger message.

Make a Commitment to Each Lesson

Be sure to make a commitment to each lesson. Set aside a special time of day if you study online. If you are part of a group, make attendance at each HaYesod lesson one of your priorities each week. If you miss one lesson, you miss a lot! Each of the ten comprehensive lessons systematically builds on the previous one, enabling you to make connections and form logical conclusions from session to session.

Each video lesson runs approximately ninety minutes. As you watch the videos, you will need to have your student workbook open and follow along, filling in blanks, answering questions, and completing the exercises.

If you study online, you can pause the lesson video at any time. Use the video timeline and write the video-time in your workbook sidebar where you paused so you can easily come back to the same spot at a later time.

Do the Extra Credit Homework

Utilize extra credit material in the Student Workbook. Each lesson in your workbook closes with a review and study questions. Optional, additional studies and extra credit homework are found at the end of each lesson.

Review the Lessons

If you study online, you will have six months to complete the course. Self-discipline is a valuable virtue! If you are eager to learn, there will be plenty of time to review and study more in-depth during this period.