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The Sabbath  The Festivals

The Menorah of Israel

A 25 minute production by First Fruits of Zion that covers the history of Israel from the calling of Abraham to the present day, highlighting the fulfillment of biblical prophecy concerning the return of Israel to her land, and the re-awakening of the nations to the God of Israel, and the roots of their faith.

Lesson One: Introduction

In this introduction, Boaz Michael clarifies the believer's relationship to the first five books of the Bible, and the different requirements of the Law on Jewish and Gentile believers.

Our Foundation—His Torah

An introduction to the concept of Torah, the five books of Moses. Session One teaches students that Torah means "instruction." It is God's loving instruction for his people—the wedding vows of the sacred marriage between God and his people.


Student Workbook

Introduction, Lesson One: As part of this HaYesod preview, you can download the Adobe PDF of the full introduction and Lesson One of HaYesod.

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