HaYesod Program Resources

The resources—for groups and individual students—give everyone who desires to use the program all the tools they need to have a compelling Bible study into the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


Overview of Resources

Lessons are comprehensive and well supported with solid, recognized Jewish and Christian sources. Leaders will be well-equipped to host a class with the ample information provided in the leadership resources. Students will walk away from each lesson with additional out-of-class lessons and resources for reviewing the lesson in detail.

Exploring the Jewish Foundation of Christianity, Book and Audiobook

To help solidify each lesson, we have created a short summary of the program that captures the heart of every lesson from HaYesod: The Foundation. This is presented in booklet and audiobook formats (Audio CDs and MP3s are available). These concise resources can be used effectively to assist you in sharing what you are learning with others, or introducing the HaYesod program in your community, and inviting friends to join your Bible study.

Program Videos (Digital and DVD formats)

The video lessons combine teachings on location in Israel with lectures from a Messianic Beit Midrash to give you a careful and articulate presentation of the Jewish roots of our faith, and the biblical Sabbath. Each of the two study modules, HaYesod: The Foundation, and the latest additional module HaYesod: The Sabbath, contains 10 video lessons. Additional video segments covering topics ranging from evangelism and doctrine to personal testimonies are included in the HaYesod: The Foundation module.

Student Workbooks

The well-presented and clear HaYesod Student Workbooks present the lesson outlines and material in detail and runs parallel to the video teachings from both HaYesod: The Foundation, and HaYesod: The Sabbath. Students fill in the blanks in the workbooks while watching the videos. The workbooks are full of additional helps such as a glossary of terms, pertinent Scripture quotations, additional sources, references, and citations.

Leadership Manuals

The HaYesod Leadership Manuals are copies of the HaYesod Student Workbooks with many critical additions. Each Leadership Manual is a complete answer key to the Student Workbook and has additional leadership notes and helps. It is linked to the video tracks for lesson planning and review. HaYesod group leaders will be confident and equipped to lead successful studies in the foundations of their faith. This invaluable tool is also the group leader's guide to starting, hosting, and facilitating a successful HaYesod study.

Program Audios

The audio resources contain the all the HaYesod lessons from both HaYesod: The Foundation, and HaYesod: The Sabbath, on separate CDs and MP3s. Also included are ten bonus audio segments covering topics ranging from evangelism and doctrine to personal testimonies and group Bible studies from HaYesod: The Foundation.

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Student Testimony

I am so grateful for the information I learned through HaYesod the Foundation. I completed the course in October 2018 and plan to start another course soon. My husband, my brother and sister-in-law (in another state) has also shown an interest and plan to learn more about the Jewish foundation of our faith in Jesus and the Torah. This has been an exciting journey. I have also shared some of what I have learned in our Sunday School class and have discovered others who have already been on this journey for quite sometime. As I was considering opening our home to a small group who has shown an interest in the study another woman in our church, who has been studying about our Savior and Scripture through the Jewish perspective for years, stepped forward and decided to teach the class! We begin this month! I want to thank you FFOZ for your ministry and the impact you have made in my life! Shalom!

— Tina Roy