HaYesod Study Modules and Lesson Outlines

The HaYesod program, now available in two separate, consecutive study modules, is presented through compelling lessons that explore the foundational truths of the entire Word of God from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

HaYesod: The Foundation

The first study module, composed of ten compelling lessons, explore the Jewish foundation of Christianity, and helps ignite the believer's relationship to the Land, the People and the Scriptures of Israel.

HaYesod: The Sabbath

The second study module released in March 2017, is composed of ten brand new lessons that explore the biblical Sabbath and its observance and implications for Messianic believers today.

Lessons are taught from locations throughout the land of Israel and from the studio setting of the First Fruits of Zion study hall (beit midrash). Students will experience a unique, messianic-yeshiva learning experience and will fall in love with the land of Israel through several visual tours to the Land.

Teaching Sessions

The teaching segments of both HaYesod modules are presented on video. Students follow along in comprehensive workbooks that accompanies the video lessons. The video lessons of both HaYesod modules are available as a rental option (for 6 months), as downloadable videos, or on DVD discs.

Each of the lessons carefully builds on the previous one, enabling students to make connections and form logical conclusions from week to week. The sessions make multiple transitions between the studio (the beit midrash) and different locations from the land of Israel.

Beit Midrash Video Segments

Interactive, instructive, in-depth, text work, relaxed, careful, linked to student manual work.

Israel Video Segments

Engaging, dynamic, heart-felt, illustrative, and, at times, light-hearted.

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