Start a HaYesod Bible Study

Share the vital message of HaYesod in your church or community and help others learn about the Jewish foundation of their faith, and their connection to the Land, the People and the Scriptures of Israel.

Where to Begin?

Familiarize yourself with the content and vision of the HaYesod program. There is no "approval" process — anyone can start a HaYesod group. You need to determine whether or not this program is suitable.

Steps to Get Started

We have made it simple for you to host HaYesod groups. All the material you need is provided in each pack based on the number of students you will host.

  • 1. Purchase

    HaYesod Digital and DVD packs are available. Order a pack at our online Store based on your group size. Additional student resources can be purchased as you expand your group.

  • 2. Prepare

    When you receive your HaYesod pack, carefully study and review the program, and start preparing. All the resources to successfully facilitate a group are included.

  • 3. Start Group

    When you have enough students, start by meeting weekly, and engage with your students by using the HaYesod Video Lessons and Student Workbooks.

The HaYesod Video Packs

There is no limit to the number of students you can include in your group. Start with any number of students. Order a Digital or DVD Pack, and additional Student Workbooks based on the size of your first group. Or ask your students to purchase their own workbooks at our Store.

Utilize the HaYesod Digital or DVD Packs to start a group of any size.

The Digital Pack includes downloadable video files (with an option to include the DVD discs). With either Packs, you can order additional Student Workbooks for the students in your group.

Invest in Your Students

Recover Your Initial Costs

Host HaYesod Bible studies on a continual basis. Charge a reasonable student fee, or sell the Student Workbooks to your students as a study fee. In this way you can easily recover your initial investment in the program.

HaYesod Packs now start at only $110* — a small investment, considering you can continually use the Video material and host HaYesod Groups for as long as you want. There are no additional fees to start new groups, apart from re-ordering Student Workbooks for your new students. (* Excluding $50 Leadership Manual)