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New HaYesod: The Festivals study module, just released!

HaYesod has been used successfully for many years by individuals and congregational leaders to learn and teach about the Jewishness of Jesus and the Jewish foundation of Christianity.

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New Festivals Module in Two Minutes

Teachings, presented on video with dedicated and inspirational teachers, guide students through comprehensive workbooks, providing a deep and meaningful hands-on learning experience for students.

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Before you decide to purchase the program, you can complete the first lessons of all the HaYesod study modules: The Foundation, The Sabbath, and The Festivals at no cost. The previews include Workbook Lesson 1 from each module.

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Learning and Teaching Opportunities

Uncover Christianity's Jewish foundation. Discover the Jewish Yeshua. Reconcile Christian faith with its Jewish roots. Discover your inheritance in the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. Learn about the Sabbath and the Jewish Festivals.

Use the HaYesod program to reach out and effectively share your faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective in your community by starting HaYesod Bible study groups.

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What HaYesod Students Say

Comments from students who have completed the HaYesod discipleship course.

Thanks so much for the HaYesod teaching. I watched it all twice, some of them 3 times, learned so much from these classes. As a Gentile Christian leader, I thought I knew quite a bit, but through these online teachings I'm finding out how ignorant I am! So many misunderstandings were clarified, from what I learned in Bible college and what I was taught in church. Because of the HaYesod teachings, I now have a greater love and appreciation of my own Hebrew spiritual heritage, discovering the roots my faith springs from. (Romans 11:17).

— Pastor Audrey McIntyre

I enjoyed the program for the most part. I did not agree however with seeming division of the house of Judah and the rest of the tribes. We are all one in Messiah. No Jew no gentile. All the MIXED multitude who came out of Egypt had one law for one people. Circumcision was for all. Not just the Jews. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not Jews. There were also twelve tribes. Judah being only one of them. There are twelve gates leading into the kingdom not one. I love my brother Judah but I love the rest of them too.You probably will not publish this but I pray it opens the eyes of all of us to love one another. We have all gone astray. Let us all reunite and walk into the kingdom together.

— Rett

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