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New HaYesod: The Festivals study module, just released!

HaYesod has been used successfully for many years by individuals and congregational leaders to learn and teach about the Jewishness of Jesus and the Jewish foundation of Christianity.

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New Festivals Module in Two Minutes

Teachings, presented on video with dedicated and inspirational teachers, guide students through comprehensive workbooks, providing a deep and meaningful hands-on learning experience for students.

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Before you decide to purchase the program, you can complete the first lessons of all the HaYesod study modules: The Foundation, The Sabbath, and The Festivals at no cost. The previews include Workbook Lesson 1 from each module.

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Learning and Teaching Opportunities

Uncover Christianity's Jewish foundation. Discover the Jewish Yeshua. Reconcile Christian faith with its Jewish roots. Discover your inheritance in the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. Learn about the Sabbath and the Jewish Festivals.

Use the HaYesod program to reach out and effectively share your faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective in your community by starting HaYesod Bible study groups.

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What HaYesod Students Say

Comments from students who have completed the HaYesod discipleship course.

We are 5 families that are studying "the foundation" and have essentially finished the material. I say essentially because we intend to re-visit some of the lessons. We are impressed with the material and the presentation! We are now in the process af selecting our next course of study. We are considering the "Sabbath" material starting in September.

— John Uhrhammer

I enjoyed the opportunity to study with you and found many new and enlightening concepts. Thank you for making this opportunity possible. The footage from Israel was wonderful. I imagine my husband and I will take advantage of additional studies you have available and expect to continue our Torah studies with you. We hope to have the opportunity to share the information with friends and family. Thank you.

— Linda

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