Testimonies from Students and Leaders

Read what HaYesod students, group, and community leaders have been saying about HaYesod. We hope their testimonies will be an encouragement for you to join and connect to the roots of your faith.

I'd like to thank FFOZ for their HaYesod course and all their performed research. HaYesod gave me a deeper insight - level of understanding - on how and why gentile believers in Yeshua are connected to the people of Israel and their Land.
In the past I visited many different churches hoping to get more clear explanations on what I had read in the scriptures or the main message of the Gospels, but it often left with more riddled than progressed. After a while I discovered the FFOZ-website and I eventually chose to start with the HaYesod program. Having finished the course I would to describe Hayesod as a critical review on christian and Jewish theology which brings the clarity (foundation) I have been searching for and on which I can further build my faith.

— Jamal

You have no idea what a blessing it was to participate in the HaYesod study! I can never thank you enough for your obedience to God's voice and direction in producing the resources that you have. My eyes and heart have been opened to the foundational truths that are NOT taught in most churches. Being raised catholic, I was not taught the bible. At the age of 28, I accepted Yeshua as my Savior and I began attending a non-denominational church that taught scripture but it lacked historical value and it's contextual meanings. Now that I've completed HaYesod, I just can't get enough of God's truths. Don't stop what you're doing because we need you! Thanks and many blessings to you all!

— Carolyn

I have just finished lesson four. I must say I am impressed with these lessons. Its' always hard to try and preserve the Biblical text accurately. My only concern was the Noah covenant not covered in the first lesson. However, you have fulfilled the Torah and I am honored to hear what you've had to say. Shalom!

— Wilma

“I see HaYesod as having a long-term affect in a congregation … It helps establish the right foundation for new believers, and establishes an attitude of respect for the Scriptures that can be built upon…”

— Pastor Mark Brocato

I think the program is GREAT it brings you back to our Hebrew roots and it is easy to follow I love the trips to Israel and the teaching is very simple but yet full of great information I like the steps that the lesson's are put into HaYesod is a must for anyone who wants to learn about Hebrew roots and to know what the bible is all about it get's a person started on a journey that will change your life. thank you HaYesod teachers.

— Dennis

This is an excellent study and a great blessing! The teachings are clear and concise. The Hayesod program has truly turned my understanding of the faith on its ear and I am so excited to continue to explore the Jewish foundation of the faith!
Thank you so much for this program - I will recommend it to all of my brothers and sisters in the faith!

— Eric

Hayesod was a real eye opener for me ! God's word started to make more sense to me like never before ! To understand that Jesus was and is Jewish , to understand the Jewish people and the land the culture , the covenants, Apostle Paul's teaching which I have to say were always a struggle for me now makes more sense to me and so much more. I believe this is so good that my husband and I bought the teaching for our pastor and I hope that we can show it to the rest of the congregation. I thank Yeshua for you First Fruits of Zion and may He continue to bless all of you and your families. THIS IS A MUST SEE!

— Karen