Testimonies from Students and Leaders

Read what HaYesod students, group, and community leaders have been saying about HaYesod. We hope their testimonies will be an encouragement for you to join and connect to the roots of your faith.

Thank you so much for this amazing discipleship course! So much is becoming clear, and I am understanding why I have been at odds with nearly all other Christians that I know. I have for quite some time realized the need for the church to get back to it's Jewish roots. I pray that doors may open for Hayesod to impact many more lives, and that I might learn how to accomplish this in my sphere of contact. May God greatly Bless you in this essential ministry.

— Heather Tyler

At first I thought it was too little time to get through the whole material in the online program, but the lessons are so interesting and eye-opening that you just can't put the book down! The teachers are very eloquent and humble, and I love the approach to each lesson. The material is of high quality, truly foundational and life changing. Thank you so much for re-enforcing some of the things I already knew, and for revealing additional truth through the help of Holy Spirit. May the work of your hands be blessed continually.

— Roni

This is the absolute best program that a Believer can use to start a foundation to the proper understanding of the Bible. It does not matter how long you have been a Christian or what denomination you belong to. I find it amazing that a small ministry such as FFOZ could produce such a hiqh quality resource. I had been a satisfied, Torah Club member for over a year and wondered if I could benefit from HaYesod. I was NOT disappointed. If you want to know the Bible like you have never known it before, and you are willing to put in the time to study, you need to join yourself to HaYesod. If you don't want to put in the time, do you really want to learn?

— Maurice A

“I see HaYesod as having a long-term affect in a congregation … It helps establish the right foundation for new believers, and establishes an attitude of respect for the Scriptures that can be built upon…”

— Pastor Mark Brocato

I appreciated your program. I loved the videos of Israel's special locations and their historical/Biblical significance. While I did not really learn anything new, this did confirm that I have learned things correctly. As a student of Koinonia Institute (KI), I am very pro-Israel and recognize that the LORD has not finished with Israel at all. I'm also doing a Master's in Biblical Studies through a program that accepts all the work I have done with KI. I love God's Feasts and have pretty much disbanded the secularized so-called 'Christian holidays.' Several years ago, I purchased a book by Edith Schaeffer entitled 'Christianity is Jewish' which was helpful. Thank you!

— Jenifer-Joan

Shalom, FFOZ! I honestly thank God and you for this program. Your program is brilliant both in contents and in design. My prayer is that I could some day have HaYesod or Torah Club group and that this kind of education could be translated or otherwise furthered in other languages too.

— Jukka Ahonen, Helsinki, Finland

Hi, thank you for making this course available. I am not new to Hebrew Roots and yet felt drawn to this course about the foundations of our faith and have been handsomely rewarded. Briefly, this course has helped me to and will help me to encounter and reflect God in new ways and I am grateful to you for this. I am now considering Torah Club. May you all be richly blessed. Love in Yeshua.

— Andrew