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HaYesod has been used successfully for many years by individuals and congregational leaders to learn and teach about the Jewishness of Jesus and the Jewish foundation of Christianity.

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HaYesod: The Sabbath in Two Minutes

Teachings, presented on video with dedicated and inspirational teachers, guide students through comprehensive workbooks, providing a deep and meaningful hands-on learning experience for students.

Learning and Teaching Opportunities

With HaYesod you will uncover Christianity's Jewish foundation. Discover the Jewish Yeshua. Reconcile Christian faith with its Jewish roots. Discover your inheritance in the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. Learn about the Sabbath and the Jewish Festivals. Use the HaYesod program to reach out and effectively share your faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective in your community by starting HaYesod Bible study groups.

What HaYesod Students Say

Comments from students who have completed the HaYesod discipleship course.

I have one more chapter to go! I really really really enjoyed this learning experience, they way you have structured this class. From the workbook to the videos to the teaching. I will go through the lessons again to review as there is soo much truth. My only issue would be is that you offer nothing else like this. I would love, no.... I NEED to do a 10 week class, on just lesson 8!! Please tell me you are going to continue producing more like this. Thank you!

— Geri

This course is professionally produced and presented. Its material is extremely well thought out and the workbook is a great tool, not only during the course but for future reference. The foundational teaching, in my opinion, should be included as part of the curriculum in Bible Schools, Bible Colleges and Seminaries (not to mention churches) throughout the world.

— Malcolm Edward

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