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HaYesod has been used successfully for many years by individuals and congregational leaders to learn and teach about the Jewishness of Jesus and the Jewish foundation of Christianity. Start discovering and sharing this vital message today.

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HaYesod in One Minute

Video teachings guide students through a comprehensive workbook, providing a hands-on learning experience.

Learning and Teaching Opportunities

With HaYesod you will uncover Christianity's Jewish foundation. Discover the Jewish Yeshua. Reconcile Christian faith with its Jewish roots. Discover your inheritance in the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. Use HaYesod to effectively share your faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective in your community.

  • Discover your foundation. Study with HaYesod in the comfort of your home.

    Student Program

  • Start a study group and share the vital message of HaYesod in your community.

    Group Program

  • Read comments from students who have completed the HaYesod discipleship course.